I desire to inspire.

It has always been the plan – to entertain and provoke change from within. To open my mind, evolve a feeling, create an idea, and see life with new clarity. Performing a miracle.

It has never been easy, always requiring focus and discipline. My confidence comes from wanting to exceed expectations, and find happiness in the balance of determination and purpose. As I hunger for opportunities to show the world who I am – my art has become my life. As I explore every role, song, and performance – my life has become my art. My job is to look inside and find truth to share.

Darkness is needed to understand light.
There is deep peace hidden within chaos.
It is only by walking this path and making difficult choices, that I find the inspiration I desire.

However, standing in that solitary moment before taking the stage, I can’t help but question….

Is this all Worth The Risk?